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Dalrymple is a beautiful village with good people and the charity aims to support local people to make their community more cohesive, more vibrant and a place where people want to live.

In 2015 Cassillis Estates offered to lease to the community two parcels of land, comprising 6.2 hectares, previously used for grazing heavy horses. The two areas of land on offer comprise the three fields between the shops, in Barbieston Road, and the River Doon and the four fields behind the Primary School, Hillview, Forglen, and Waterside. This latter area is bordered in the north by the Primpton Burn and to the west by the Purclewan Burn.

Following a series of public meetings, held under the auspices of East Ayrshire Council’s Vibrant Communities initiative, a management committee was formed in September 2015 and a constitution agreed to allow us to apply for charitable status to the Scottish Charity Regulator.  This was awarded in July 2016.

About us

In 2018/19 the residents in Dalrymple, Skeldon and Hollybush were invited by East Ayrshire’s Vibrant Community programme to participate in a Community Action Plan. Every house in the area received a form inviting comments and the distillation of this was published in 2019.

Some of the aspirations have already been achieved (notably the community garden) and it was apparent that to fulfill more of the ambitions the team behind the Action Plan and DCLP should unite. This was agreed in late 2019 and a quest for a new name for the Charity was launched. OSCR (Scottish Charity Regulator) has accepted the new name which is intended to emphasise that Skeldon and Hollybush are also part of the community.

  • Thus,we are moving to replace DCLP with DaSH Project-the Dalrymple, Skeldon and Hollybush Project. The aims of the Charity remain broadly the same;
    The advancement of citizenship or community development.
  • The provision of creative and recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended.
  • The advancement of environmental protection or improvement

Our Projects

  • Village Appearance & Outdoor Spaces
  • Access To Services & Amenities
  • Community Spirit, Activities & Events
  • Tourism, Economy & Heritage
  • Environment & Outdoor Recreation

Community Garden

We transformed an underused area of land in the centre of Dalrymple.


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