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Community Garden

Our aim was to transform a field in the centre of Dalrymple, from an area of rough grazing to a community garden with features that will engage the interest of all ages within the community and provide a pleasant environment in which local people can socialise and come together within the centre of the village and just a few minute’s stroll of the primary school and shops. A design was been prepared to create a community garden with play equipment for young children, social areas for older visitors, a cycle track to develop proficiency and flower beds with plants that are both attractive to pollinators and that will enhance the visual aspect of the site. The site will include a “performance area” and space where events such as craft sales or perhaps farmer’s markets could be staged. Our key partner for this project was the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) to whom we are very grateful for their help and support, it is fair to say that the garden would never have become a reality without the CSGN.

The garden was officially opened on 13th September 2019 commemorated by the ceremonial planting of a tree by Community Champion Mr Paul Cohen.

The garden has three areas, to the left of the entrance is the playground in which we hope eventually to install some additional equipment that is accessible to children of all abilities. The central section is an amenity lawn and the right-hand section is the original meadow turf. The plan is to allow this to grow naturally so that wild-flowers, that have been grazed over the years of the horse’s occupation, can appear. In addition, there are two ponds. Within a very short space of time wild-life began to occupy these and we will plant out the margins with appropriate plants and water-lilies and submerged plants will be added. The grass will be cut at the end of the summer.

As funds become available more seats and decorative planting will be added.

Help Needed!

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